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MC# 930545 ● DOT# 2801061 ● SCAC Code: NTVN

Then, consider the services of National Transportation Services, Inc.

We are a brokerage firm initiating a new concept in the way we do business. We strive to get the lowest rates for our customers all while trying to get a decent pay for our carriers. These days many brokers go around charging their customers outrageous freight fees while they pay the motor carriers the lowest they possibly can, even putting loads up for bids, all while compromising safety.

Many brokers also take more than 30% commission which costs you, the customer, more money. We are willing to negotiate fair prices to satisfy both the customer and the motor carrier, we are even willing to negotiate the commission we make to reduce rates to satisfy our customers.

If interested in our services please call us at (786) 422-0974 or send us an email at

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MC# 930545 ● DOT# 2801061 ● SCAC Code: NTVN

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